Part 1 - An Introduction


This new narrative weaves ancient tales with a present day twist. Get ready to be inspired by our mythological past brought to life through story, sound and colour.

Sian Miriam, our storyteller

Sian Miriam, our storyteller

Harlech Torc is the festival’s seed. The original 3,000 year old Harlech Torc was made in 1150BC from four metres of twisted gold wire – this was discovered in Harlech in 1692. On the 2nd of December this year, we re-create the tale surrounding this haunting torc with a specially commissioned recreation for 2017.

Meirion. Meirion yn dychwelyd. Meirion. Meirion returns. The narrative immediately focuses on this important arrival and restoration of the magical Harlech Torc.

Everything changes, except for the horizon. The distance never shifts. A force is thrusting the waves forward. The waves lunge Y Morfeirch into Harlech – these are giant Sea horses who crave the torc and ultimately, need the torc. A battle between Meirion and the Morfeirch commences.

This wave is the Seventh Wave. Dyma rym, grym y dŵr ac mae grym y creaduriaid yn fwy. The sea giants win, but the torc cannot be removed. Meirion is spellbound, quite literally. Mae cryfder y Morfeirch yn eu cynffonau, the sea giants tails are curled with such a tight grasp, they cannot leave without Meirion. They leave with Meirion and return to their powerful realm hidden under the seventh wave. Meirion curled to each of their tails.

Tro yng nghwnffon y Morfeirch. Tro ni i effeithio’r dyfodol. It’s our turn in this tale. The curl in the tale relies on us, the people of Harlech, visitors and home hearts. We light a shrine, we believe, we hope Meirion and the precious torc will return. Will they?

Owen Brown