Part 2 - January 2018


Mi ddychwelodd Meirion atom. Meirion returned, fleetingly. Dim ond am ennyd.

Telling the tale of Meirion

Telling the tale of Meirion

The seventh wave tormented our seas - craving the torc, needing the torc; vanishing with Meirion and the Golden Torc beneath our waters.

According to legend, Gwynedd- the ancient kingdom, was founded by Chieftain Cunedda Wledig from  Northern Britain. Meirion, Cunedda’s grandson, returned to Harlech claiming his birth rite – the Golden Torc.

Y Morfeirch  - these giant Sea horses are the captors. The torc entwined in tight grasp, close in a curl, safely stored - ever to be released?

Underneath the seventh wave, Meirion is curled to each of their tails – captured, petai yn garcharor. His Harlech heart under waves of torment. Under the spell of the Morfeirch.

Hiraeth yn ei galon, where can he be- will he return? Will the tails curl tighter and suffocate: or loosen, shake and release under stormy seas? 

All images Copyright Felix Cannadam

Owen Brown