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At each festival event learn more about the legend of Meirion and his struggle to harness the power of the magical Harlech Torc. Hear how the giant seahorses (the Morfeirch) try to steal the Torc and how Meirion is taken prisoner in their underwater realm. What will happen? Will the seventh wave take us all away or will Meirion and the Torc return to Harlech? Wale’s finest storytellers, performers and musicians tell the tale, a tale to treasure.

The Winter Festival was told on 2 December 2017

The magic started at 5pm with a Festival procession through the town to the castle. The piper, storyteller, the Knights of Ardudwy with flaming torches, children with lanterns, a fire dancer (Meirion)  and the Cambrian Choir sang, all pursued by the fearsome Morfeirch – the giant seahorses.  At the castle, Deuair (Ceri Owen Jones and Elsa Davies), played the ancient bray harp and crwth while Siân Miriam narrated the battle of Meirion and the Morfeirch. 

The Spring Festival  will be performed on 27th May 2018

The Golden Torc is washed up on the beach and the people wonder if this means Meirion will return, or if the Morfeirch will come back for them? They gather on the beach to create Sea Castles to protect themselves and take the Torc to the castle for safekeeping. When they have built the castles they light a lantern in each to guide Meirion home. However, the seventh wave washes up and destroys the castles. The people gather around a fire on the beach and play music to comfort themselves. 

The Autumn Festival will be on the weekend of 27 October 2018

October with a final confrontation in the castle where the plight of our sea becomes clear to the people of Harlech. They resolve to heal the damage and take to care of this precious resource. A celebration is held to confirm this promise.

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