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Harlech Autumn Festival Grand Finale - Year of Sea

Harlech Fire and Sea Festival  Gŵyl Tân a Môr Harlech

The Golden Torc is worn by the Narrator and once more a festival procession weaves it’s way through the streets of Harlech. This time the children lead with seahorse lanterns (Morfeirch) and the Pipers and Knights follow. The narrator and choir follow them as before and then we have the Giant Morfeirch with a ‘watery’ Meirion - he is clearly under their sea spell. Once they reach the castle, the story of his watery time under the sea unfolds and then the Narrator uses the Torc to magically give Meirion his fire back. Meirion and the Morfierch battle but then the Narrator reminds Meirion of the Bendigeidfran’s words 'A fo ben bid bont’ - 'he would be a leader, must first be a bridge'. This causes Meirion to stop and ask the Morfeirch why do they want the torc? Meirion and the people expect to hear that the Morfeirch want to rule them, but no, the Morfeirch tell them that they need the torc for its magical properties because their Sea Land is being devastated by the land peoples waste. They need to heal their under the sea land. Meirion listens and then says he understands - he has seen the damage first hand. He promises that if the Morfierch can trust him, he will use his power wisely and encourage his people to be respectful to the sea and work to heal the damage done. The Morfeirch are happy with this and allow Meirion to keep the torc and to rule wisely. Everyone celebrates.