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Things to do

Try your hand at flying over the Llyn Peninuslar, hop into the water on a paddleboarding lesson or take things easy and enjoy miles of golden sand beaches

We may be small, but we have plenty to do!

A beach stretching for miles, Harlech Castle, a medieval fortress and World Heritage site, a town packed with independent shops you're sure to love, restaurants and of course activities. North Wales adventure capital of Europe, has a host of activities for all age groups to enjoy. Try paddleboarding, rock climbing, flying, cavern exploring or just watching the amazing sunsets over Harlech beach - the choice is yours! Go to our activities page here

Experience our history first hand

It's survived sieges and met Kings & Queens. Now it's your turn to add to the history at Harlech Castle

More things to do...

If you're looking for adventure, North Wales is the perfect place. If your looking for some adventure try paddleboarding, mountain biking. Take the kids to an animal farm, down the historic slate mines and more more.....  

A trip to the beach

There's nothing quite like a beach sunset to help clear the mind. Look to the North and you'll find Snowdon's silhouette, East is Harlech castle and West for the sea and sunset. Epic.

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Our coffee culture

Whether you're looking to start the day off right or needing the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up, we've got an amazing selection of café's to choose from on your next visit

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