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Meirion's Story

Discover the magical story of Meirion through the storytelling chairs. The story itself lasts about an hour, but the journey will be longer. There are five parts to the story to correspond with the five special storytelling chairs in Harlech.  But you do not have to visit all five chairs in order to enjoy the story. You can just walk part of the journey and still listen to the whole story. The choice is yours.


The Route

If you are to visit all five story chairs the journey is about 2 miles.  Harlech means "on a slope" or "beautiful slope", so the clue is in the name - there are steep hills between the top and lower parts of the town.​ The majority of the journey is on tarmac but there are two paths which include rough and steep terrain and one sandy path. You are in charge of how you experience your journey.
You can walk half the route and return to experience the rest on another day. You can walk a completely different path. To find the location of any of our chairs, just click the 'Get Directions' links

The First Chair

The journey begins in the Playground located right underneath the steel bridge that leads to the main entrance to Castell Harlech.

Meirions Story Part 1

The Second Chair

Continue your journey to Parc Bron Y Graig, where you will find a bench in the shape of a leaf.

Meirions Story Part 2

The Third Chair

Make your way to the majestic Pen Y Graig chair, with panoramic views of the castle and Llyn Peninsular

Meirions Story Part 3
Meirions the fourth chair

The Fourth Chair

Walk down the hill to beach road, at the far end go through the gate and follow the path to this penultimate story chair

Meirions Story Part 4

The Final Chair

Retrace your steps back down beach road, and find the final chair in the King George V playground, opposite the Swimming Pool, to find the final storytelling chair

Meirions Story Part 5
Meirion the final chair


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