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Walking in & around Harlech 

Explore Harlech's breathtaking scenery on foot

Harlech, nestled in North Wales, offers captivating walking paths that weave through the scenic landscape of the Snowdonia National Park. These trails invite exploration, whether you seek coastal vistas, ancient history, or tranquil moments. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a leisurely stroller, Harlech’s natural beauty awaits your discovery!

Wood Wal

The Zigzag Path

The Zigzag, is a stretch of path that can be walked up or down depending on your mood. With beautiful scenery and the beautiful sands of Harlech beach!  Download the route from Harlech to Llanbedr with wonderful wildlife, a magical church and rolling dunes.

The Roman Steps 

The Roman Steps Walk near Harlech, Wales, is a captivating hike that traces an ancient route through the Rhinog Mountains, offering a glimpse into the area's rich historical tapestry and breathtaking natural scenery. Despite its name, the origins of the Roman Steps remain somewhat enigmatic, with theories suggesting they could date back to medieval times rather than the Roman era. This rugged path winds through dramatic landscapes, including verdant valleys, rocky outcrops, and serene lakes, providing a diverse and visually stunning experience for walkers. The journey is both a physical challenge and a step back in time, culminating in panoramic views that highlight the unspoiled beauty of Snowdonia National Park. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a nature lover, the Roman Steps Walk promises a memorable adventure filled with exploration and awe.

12.6 km

Rhaeadr Nantcol Waterfalls 

The Nantcol Waterfalls walk is a delightful journey through one of Snowdonia's hidden gems, offering a mix of adventure and tranquility for hikers of all ages and abilities. Starting from the Nantcol campsite, the trail meanders along the picturesque Nantcol River, leading visitors through verdant woodlands and past a series of enchanting waterfalls. The path is well-marked and easy to follow, making it accessible for families with children as well as more seasoned walkers looking for a leisurely hike.

2.1 km 
Cae Besi

Self Catering or  Guesthouse?

Staying in a self catering cottage, guesthouse or B&B in Harlech is a great way to experience the charm of this historic town. With its stunning views of the Welsh coastline and Snowdonia National Park, Harlech is a popular destination for visitors looking to explore the natural beauty of North Wales.

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