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Walking in Harlech

North West Wales is famous for its walks. We'll show you some of the best known paths (and a few local favourites!)


The ‘Zig Zag’ beach path

Between the Harlech and Llandanwg beaches lies an infamous path. You have two choices, walk up or down – although we wouldn’t say that either choice is much easier than the other. All we do know is that the walker will be rewarded with both awe inspiring view up top, and miles of golden sand at the bottom.

The Roman Steps 

Walk a path that has seen many footprints over the years. You start this journey by the lake at Cwm Bychan and cross the Roman bridge. From here it’s a steady walk up through the dramatic scenery until you reach the highest, and perhaps most impressive point. You could continue on to Trawsfynydd if you’re an avid walker, but most would head back down to Cwm Bychan and enjoy a celebratory coffee flask by the lake.

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Ynys Estuary

Looking out on to the stunning Portmeirion opposite, this walk is a hidden gem. First thing to note is to make sure the tide is out, or else the walk will be underwater! Ynys Gifftan sits right in the middle of the Estuary, an easy walk at certain times, or totally isolated at other. There’s something very calming and still here, which sets it apart from Harlech or Llandanwg beach. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the bells singing at Portmeirion!

Bryn Cader Faner

This walk takes you to one of the classic wonders of prehistoric Wales – the Cairn Circle. The common starting point for this walk shows you many sweeping views of the Dwyryd estuary as it brings you up onto a mountain plateau where the small, jagged pillars of slate are arranged in a rough circle. On seeing them, you’ll realise immediately how they got the monicker ‘Welsh Crown of Thorns’, looking, as they do, like the points of a huge crown. The structure is thought to have survived for thousands of years, serving as a burial mound back in the Bronze Age.

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